What Your Website Needs To Get Clients

Your website needs to get clients, but that can be difficult if you aren’t well-known.

Read on to learn some steps you can take for your website to increase the chances of landing a client. 


Clear Message

Your website must convey a clear message to your visitors. You must handle your customer’s marketing by providing digital solutions. Your goal is to help your clients hit their marketing and business goals. You need to convey what your digital agency will do for your clients in one sentence because audiences have short attention spans. Dig deep and analyze your mission vision statement by examining your agency’s goal. Come up with a one-liner that will sum up your agency’s goals to convey your message.

You can get the help of a writer if you’re stuck on this step.



You must research UI designs and functionality to create a website that is pleasing to the eye. You can start designing your site by considering these elements such as geometric shapes, readability, color contrast and combinations, and typography and how they will meld together. Your business must have an experienced design expert to make the right aesthetic decisions for your site’s design. Your site’s colors must complement and contrast each other to make it visually appealing and make the text readable. The geometric shapes must also be visually appealing without being too distracting.



Visiting your website must be a pleasant experience, or you will not make that sale. In addition to being visually pleasing, your site must also be easy to navigate to get people to hire your agency.

Follow these tips to make navigation easier:

  1. Label pages clearly
  2. Divide categories clearly
  3. Check your search features work
  4. Make all navigation buttons clickable links


Make sure your buttons are properly labeled and that they go to the right pages before the site goes live.



Don’t forget to show off your previous works. Your clients would like to see samples of exactly what you can do for them. There are plenty of ways to present your old works on your site. You can try a slideshow reel that shows pictures of your previous works that automatically changes the pics every few seconds. A video that features your best works can also be made to show potential clients what you can offer. Be sure to include the positive effects your works have done for your clients. Including their numbers of new conversions and sales can be a great help in getting you more clients.


Fast Loading Times

Slow web pages can cause your potential customers to lose interest. Do not use too many plug-ins or ads because they can slow down your site. The ideal time for loading pages is 2 seconds any second after that will increase your bounce rate. You can use a WordPress speed optimization service to make your pages load faster when using WordPress. You can also build a website from scratch, which is less likely to run loading problems but require extensive knowledge to create.   



While customers are there for your services, they also need to know you to establish trust. Your about us page is the autobiographical page of your website. You need to grab their attention and build trust using this page. Do not use generic descriptions for your business and staff entries. Write a concise but informative history of your company including, who the staff is and what they do.

It must be written in the same tone as your business’s culture. Include a small bio of one paragraph for each of your staff or just the management team. The page is meant to give an air of openness and transparency to foster trust with your possible customer.   


Multi-Platform Functionality 

Expand your site’s accessibility to reach more people. At least half of your customers will be searching for your practice through their phones. Not all websites you commission are constructed equal. Some of your chosen developers may only build a site that is good for browsers but does not consider mobile devices. A lack of mobile compatibility causes your website to not load properly on mobile devices.

This issue may turn away your potential customers who use their mobile phones for searching. Be sure your programmer builds your site with mobile devices in mind.



You need content to help solve your customer’s problems and establish trust. Content laced with the proper SEO practices can help your visibility. If you are a car dealership, having a blog for car maintenance can be helpful for your customers. Your content should sprinkle the proper keywords and writing principles to get Google to label it as good content. Once Google judges your content to be helpful and relevant, it will put you at the top of the search results to help customers find your business.

Essentially, find out your customer’s problems to get a keyword that you will use as a topic. Next, write good content that helps your customers with the right keywords to help gain trust and visibility to your customers.  



Please remember that none of the points above matter if your customers cannot reach your business. Be sure to put your contact info at either the header or footer of every page of your site. A contact page and online chat support can make it easier for your customers to reach your business. The easier you make things for your customers, the more likely you are to make a sale.

In conclusion, the items discussed are only a few items your website needs to be successful. Contact Smartworks today to ensure you get a website that will bring your business success at an affordable price. 

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