SEO Questionnaire

We welcome you to our SEO questionnaire.

Please answer these questions as best you can to help us find the best way to promote your business.

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SEO Questionnaire

Will there be products/services to sell? (Store or market page)

Do you already have set up Google properties on your site?

Can we get access to your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Ads accounts to share learnings and efficiencies between paid and organic search?

What are your goals and objectives to determine the success of the engagement?

Are you willing for a link-building campaign? (This includes site registration and submission to directories and business listings)

Are you aiming for a paid campaign? (This will rely on the budget for Google Ads, and paid listings/site-submissions)

Do you own any other domains or subdomains?

Do you have any partners who would be willing to link to your website?

Do you have an existing website?

Has your site ever been penalized by an algorithm update?

Are you planning to do a redesign, migration, or re-platforming?

Have you ever purchased any paid links or been part of any link schemes?