Two Hearts Success Story


Two Hearts Pet Loss Center wanted to make a site that offers teaching seminars and helpful information about pet cremation that was secure, accessible, and easy to navigate. This ensured owners were knowledgeable enough to make the right decision. They had two sites before which had the same purpose so they wanted to make one efficient site instead.


Their site ran poorly due to outdated WordPress and theme, faulty security made the client’s site susceptible to hackers, and overall not mobile responsive. It was also difficult to navigate through the site and finalize transactions online


Smart Works International combined online forms and payment in one convenient place so visitors can navigate quicker as well as have faster online transactions. Their E-Commerce was also improved which was once only via Amazon. The manual site transactions and newsletters that kept visitors from following through their purchases with our plug-in customizations personalized per client.


Overall less paperwork and steps to finish online transactions that quickened turnovers. Two Hearts Pet Loss Center was provided with more features that enabled them to do refunds, limit attendees, and fully manage their transactions and registrations. Information gathered were also streamlined by the customized plug-ins from the development team.

Project Details