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The client had used Jimdo, an online website builder, to create a site but saw no success. The lack of customer engagement has led them to seek help. They asked to create a single page that consists of all the information the patients need to know. The page consists of the client’s mission, story, contact form, and what they do to help their patients. They gave their preferred logo, and the developers had to make a site in short order.


The client wanted the site built in a matter of days, which is difficult because websites usually take longer to build. That did not deter the team, and they accepted the challenge, which was to design and develop a site to satisfy the client’s desires in a short time.


The team had to make haste because the project had to be done in a short time. Choosing a premade layout from Divi helps save time but isn’t without issues. The premade layout is not perfect for the client’s needs and preferences, thus necessitating some modifications. The developer had to make changes to the icons, colors, and content of the premade layout to fit the client’s needs and preferences.

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The team was able to build and launch the site in a few days as the client ordered by using their ingenuity. Choosing a premade layout and modifying it saved a lot of time. The content was provided soon after, and the site went online quickly as the client wanted.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.