The Suites Success Story


The Suites by Radiance wanted to create a site that offered stylists a personalized studio to lease where they have the freedom to express themselves and conduct work. This will also make new and experienced stylists more accessible to the online public.


The beauty industry boasts a majority of users which meant that without a formidable online and mobile presence, fewer clients and business opportunities came the client’s way.


Smart Works International outfitted them with a quick and easy “Profit Calculator” plug-in that estimates possible earnings from potential clients. This helps the stylists keep them on top of their budget and make wiser decisions going forward.

New stylists were also added to a business directory in the site that helped them reach out to more customers and build a community at the same time.


The Suites by Radiance’s stylists have been given better online spotlight to reach a wider range of customers and a practical, effective working environment that is also profitable.

Project Details