The Pet Loss Center Success Story


The Pet Loss center was once established on the Magento platform. Pet Loss Center’s site had low security which enabled hackers to enter, more down times meant less traffic and unreliable data for the client. Client had 5 location then and was ranked 100th+ pages from most search engines. They wanted to increase traffic and optimize their searchability online.


Client’s current state was not fit for WordPress, from content to images. Website was also not crawlable in search engines which meant they could not be indexed. When the site was crawlable it linked back to their old site instead. There was also a problem with payment transactions’ speed.


Smart Works International manually transitioned and moved the client’s content into WordPress to seamlessly incorporate into the new platform. This was a meticulous process of piecing the content one by one into the new platform. SEO improvements were also implemented to begin smart indexing of the site for higher rankings, competition was analyzed and keywords were optimized.


The new platform made content management fast and organized. Accurate keywords, link building and other SEO optimizations boosted client’s rank from 100th+ page to the 1st page of most search engines. This fresh start in both the site’s now user-friendly interface and online boost gave Pet Loss Center the win they deserve.

Project Details