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Synapse launched its new service offering virtual assistants. This service is for people who need help at a low cost. The client needed help explaining and marketing their new services online and came to the team for help.


The client wants a new website done fast because they already have an existing site. They also needed content to explain what the services were and to make the case for picking Synapse over other providers. Essentially a site and content were asked of the team quickly.


The team had to divide responsibilities appropriately to get the project done on time. The designers studied the existing site and used its design to create the new website. Creative members of the team had to design the layout. The content was written by the writer after heavy research to explain the service in layman’s terms. The team came together after all the parts of the website were built to assemble the site.

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The site was made with high-resolution graphics and a user-friendly layout that clients can navigate with ease. The content was also strategically placed in certain parts where the visitors can find what they need at a glance. The clients were very happy because the company’s overall image was present on the new site.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.