South West Medical Success Story


In the beginning, Southwest Med began with only a logo. They did not have a site, blogs, and SEO friendly content. They could only be found through search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 


The project only had a logo at the start, which is not enough to get patients in the door. A promotion strategy needed to be implemented to help address this issue. The first thing that needed to be made was a fully functional website. SEO optimization is then needed to enable potential patients to find Southwest Med.

Written content must also be added to the website to deploy the SEO strategy. The website’s overall structure must also complement the company’s image and the corresponding content made for SEO purposes. 


The web development team needed to construct an optimized website to reach out to potential patients, and to deploy the SEO strategy. A web template that would fit Southwest Med needed to be designed. The color yellow, white, and grey was chosen to create an eye-catching yet professional looking website.

Intuitive navigation was also created to help patients find what they needed at a glance. The content was created to naturally introduce the SEO strategies and help the website rank higher in Google’s algorithm. All the blogs contained calls to action and share buttons for social media to help patients spread the word on social media. Southwest Med laid out all their contact information on the contact us page of the site to help patients reach them.  


The web development team managed to create a simple website with a professional design to fit Southwest Med’s needs. The SEO was optimized within the site to help patients find Southwest Med in their web searches. These two factors gave Southwest Med a web presence that will help prospective patients find them. Smartworks has given Southwest Med the capability to reach a wider audience.     

Project Details