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Our client approached us asking for a website that houses two practices. They already have content from their old sites, and they even provided reference sites for us to use to design a new site. They did not provide a logo at first, but we used a temporary logo as a placeholder.


We had to transfer a lot of content from their old sites to the new site we built. Our team also had to wait for the new content they wished to add to the new site. Building a site that houses two practices was not easy because we had to ensure that both clients liked the same site.


We had to use the reference sites the clients provided to create a website that both clients would like. The content they gave us was also posted on the site. Thanks to our design, the site was shown in a clean and informative way. We thought about the users and decided that we wanted to design the site in a way that the users can find what they need for both practices immediately.

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The users will be able to find everything they need from the two practices quickly because we strategically placed important info on the site. Contacting both practitioners is also easy because the contact info can be found easily. The design we made also makes it easy for users to book a consultation and appointment.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.