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Our client wanted a site created quickly. They gave us a week or two to get the site finished. They did not have any content for us to post. We were only given a reference site and menu items hierarchy to use for the site build.


We made a draft by following the reference site and menu hierarchy the client gave. They gave us content, but this contribution necessitated revisions in the design to allow everything to flow well together. The client also changed some of the icons we made. The pages created were also changed by our client. We also went through some delays because of the new content and images the client wanted us to implement.


We had to check in with the client regularly because they wanted their site built quickly. Our team had to wait for the drafts and content to be posted on their site. We had to put all the content into the site once they sent it, but before everything was sent. Our team had to put a coming soon page as a placeholder while we waited for the content. We turned crawling off so nothing unusual would show up on the site until everything was complete. Once we received all of the content, we posted all of the content on the proper places in the site and enabled crawling to finish the site.

Side Health Success Stories - Smart Works Intl


We finished the site in a month with a simple modern design. Our team designed the site in such a way that you can see everything important the moment the site loads. Checking services, contacting the client, and making an appointment has never been easier, thanks to our design.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.