QRS Healthcare Solutions


The team found a client that needed a site to market their COVID-19 testing kits to sell them.The client did not know what they wanted the website to look like or how it should be designed.


The biggest challenge the team faced was the time limit. The client wanted a website up and running immediately to sell the tests. Another obstacle the team faced was the lack of a design because the client did not know how they wanted the site to look and operate. The client did not like any of the templates from WordPress, which forced the team to make the site from scratch. 


The team prioritized this task to get it done quickly. WordPress was used because of its architecture that comes with numerous templates and plugins. Since none of the themes from WordPress were approved by the client, the team needed a different way to design the site. The team decided to use static images and adjusted the contrast while adding graphics to create the site’s design.


The website uses optimized images for quick loading times. All the information about the test is written clearly. The information is broken into small digestible paragraphs to help visitors understand the product. 

Project Details