Probar Mobility Success Story

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Probar Mobility wanted to expand their brand’s depth and influence online. Client needed a way to add features that further emphasized their product’s connection to consumers and build customer trust.


Initial site focused only on the product in a rigid store-type platform. This limited the client’s capability to revise in the future. Content was also an issue as the site’s current structure was not fit to contain substantial content that provided the needed information to customers.


Smart Works international rebuilt and transitioned their site from Shopify into WordPress. Improved customer satisfaction that tracked past contacts and concerns, expanded connections with the community through affiliates, and provided more information and sales through events and courses.


This new build opened more potential for the client to envision revisions as they please. The client’s team and company profile was introduced to solidify trust in their products which in turn bulked up their site, made it more interactive, and content-driven that extended their branding exposure beyond that of a product and into a lifestyle.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.