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These days more Americans are losing the right to vote and express their beliefs due to many factors. There have been countless examples of voter suppression and gerrymandering happening across the nation. Certain individuals are using these dirty tactics to sway the results to benefit themselves. Establishments are also participating in rigging elections by forcing their workers to come into work during elections. Fake news stories spreading false information, impeding and scaring some voters away.


Gerrymandering and voter suppression is already in full swing. Hundreds of polling sites have been closed to suppress the votes of certain demographics. Election day is not recognized as a public holiday, which prevents some voters from voting. Finally, the spread of fake news may sway election results to favor some candidates over others. 


In the digital age, the best way to empower voters is through information. A website was needed to reach and inform voters across the country. The Poll Party website gives voters information about voter registration for each state. Links for online voter registration sites for different states are present on the site. The website and its features were made to make it easier for voters to register and exercise their rights. 

A link to Rockthevote.org is also present on the site. The site offers voters guides about their rights. Instructions for how to vote for each state are also found on the site to ensure a fair election.

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The Poll Party website was launched to empower voters across America. A wealth of information such as voter rights and registration is made available at their fingertips. Accessible to voters through both computers and phones, it stands to reach as many voters as possible across the nation. 

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