Philippe Til Success Story

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Philippe has had many success stories in his lengthy career. This includes being a world renowned fitness educator, entrepreneur, bestselling author of the Natural Method series, inventor of the ProBar, and real estate agent.

Through hard work and dedication, his work became sought after globally by many brands and businesses. Due to this Philippe wanted a website to promote his brand and reach a wider audience.


These days it can be incredibly difficult to stand out as a content creator and
entrepreneur. Many content creators and businesses have amazing websites to help promote themselves.

Philippe needed an amazing website to help him stand out from the crowd, elaborate on his expertise, and reach out to his audience. Not only was a site needed but branding and logo had to be designed from the ground up.


Smart Works International got to work by first breaking down the look and branding Philippe was seeking.

We were able to begin with a color palette that reflected the client’s esthetic and personality. After that a logo was brought to review that further established branding and color.

Once that was set our work to create an amazing website for Philippe’s audience began. The website was designed with intuitive navigation to enable
visitors to find what they need at a glance. The pages and image scripts were also optimized to ensure near non-existent loading times.

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The site launched without any problems. The optimized navigation, pages, and images helped entice users to explore the site. The logo gave his site and brand a new identity that can help customers easily distinguish him from others.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.