Miami Herbs


The business already had a website, but its layout was unappealing and difficult to modify. The team also found out the website’s structure was not SEO friendly and cannot be used by web crawlers. Web crawlers are necessary for site optimization. These limitations made it difficult to make the site appealing and get it to rank up.


The challenge the team faced was creating a modern layout that was user friendly. The site also needed to be content friendly to accommodate existing and future content. Web crawlers also needed to be installed to help the site rank up.


The new website was designed with modern themes that the client can easily modify. Better content was also created to make the site easier to read to better rank up Google’s algorithm.


The developers organized the content on the new theme to make it easier to find for visitors. The redesign was more organized, which made it easier for visitors to find social media accounts, contact forms, and services. 

Project Details