LA Downtown Success Story


LA Downtown acquired Silverlake Medical and aimed to promote the hospitality with an easy to navigate site. This new beginning prompted the client to search for a fresh and updated means of finding patients online.


Client’s online presence was hard to track as their URL was obsolete. The outdated 90s design made customer traction difficult as it was not pleasing and hard to navigate. The site’s 1 pager structure did not fit the amount of content they wanted to show.


Smart Works International compartmentalized and made their content compact through accordion-type drop-downs. This streamlined content into more manageable terms and also made it easy to find what visitors were looking for.


The simple but effective aesthetic improvements, site performance, and content management provided breathing room to see the client’s future. Ironing out these foundations of what makes a successful site grow in the beginning ensured our client’s opportunity of utilizing their acquired hospital fruitful and rewarding.

Project Details