Kanwar Kelley MD Success Story


Dr. Kelley did not have any website, which left him with no online presence. Having no online presence is a great disadvantage in the modern era because practically every potential patient uses online searches to find doctors. The team had only reference websites that Dr. Kelley gave them to make a website that would properly represent his practice.


The lack of a website was the first thing the team needed to remedy. The team must design a website based on the various reference sites Dr. Kelley gave them. The website needs to be simple with a modern design that helps inform patients of Dr. Kelley’s products and services.

Newly published sites also need proper indexing to help them rank up in Google’s search results. A higher ranking will increase the chances of the site being found by new patients.


A new website was constructed from the ground up using the various reference sites. The team managed to design a modern website that facilitates the dissemination of information for Doctor Kelley’s patients. The new design helps patients navigate through the site easily to find what they need at a glance. 

The site was tested for Google to get a comprehensive report. The team acted based on the report and created content for the site that would help it rank higher in Google’s search algorithm.


The new website enables visitors to find what they need at a glance. They are also able to schedule an appointment quickly using the website. The site also offers telehealth services to expand the reach of healthcare. Blogs full of helpful information are written regularly to help patients. The blogs also help with ranking higher in Google’s search results.

Project Details