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Judge Jim Gray has been a strong advocate of Libertarianism. He fights for the American values of Financial responsibility, live and let live without treading on anybody to improve the lives of everyone in the country. As a Judge, he has volunteered hundreds of hours to improve his community by implementing social programs and criminal justice reform.

He has helped the Stay In School Program for Willard Intermediate and Santa Ana High Schools. Judge Jim co-founded BLAST, a program that provides children with recreation through after school sports.

Judge Jim Gray is committed to educating the youth. He has introduced the Peer Court System in Orange County. The system allows youth offenders to have their cases tried by a jury of their peers from different districts. This practice helps prepare the youth for their future civil responsibilities.

He’s worked with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to institute criminal justice reform. He helped implement a more compassionate and impactful way of dealing with drunk drivers. Defendants must now listen to the heartbreaking stories from victims of drunk driving and volunteer at the Western Medical Trauma Center. These two reforms allow the defendants to see the true gravity of their actions.

With the advent of the digital age, Judge Jim Gray needed a website to reach a wider audience. He commissioned a new website to get his message out.


Judge Jim Gray has had many accomplishments in his long prestigious career. Taking his many accomplishments into consideration while designing an intuitive site was a challenge. People needed to find what they needed to know immediately while being provided a visually pleasing experience as they visited the site.

These days people have shorter attention spans and now have a variety of devices to surf the Internet such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Even a small delay in loading a website could cause people to lose interest. Judge Jim Gray’s old website was incompatible to modern devices causing longer loading times.


To create a better experience for users while showing Judge Jim Gray’s many works, a new website would have to be created using new architecture. WordPress was chosen because the platform was optimized for many devices leading to shorter loading times. The platform also makes it easier to design a website, which made it easier to show all of Judge Jim Gray’s wonderful contributions to society.

The website was designed with cooler and neutral colors to emphasize formality while being pleasing to the eyes. It was organized into several properly labeled pages to help people find what they needed immediately. Plug-ins would be used to keep the site secure and allow it to store and play videos.



Judge Jim Gray has a brand new and appealing way to reach Americans. His website has everything laid out the moment visitors arrive. Visitors can find what they are looking for at first glance. The visuals are easy on the eyes, which leads to a better reading experience.

The website is also optimized for many devices allowing the pages and videos to load on different devices quickly. These changes from the new site ensure audiences can get what they want immediately. Thanks to the new website Judge Jim Gray has been able to reach out to the whole country to start a dialogue and educate Americans in the ways of Libertarianism.

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