HighWire's Success Story


Highwire Daze wanted to spotlight renowned and indie bands alike to the more competitive online community while also being able to sell their magazines with ease.


The client’s server was outdated and unfit to seamlessly incorporate plug-ins for faster transactions and more user-friendly interface. Obsolete servers have less security and stability which causes many breaches and downtimes. Furthermore, their huge directory of images from concerts and interviews slowed down the site and excessive menus made finding what you need difficult.


Smart Works International redesigned their entire interface and manually optimized their images, resulting in faster loading. The client’s server was also updated to keep up with security patches and stability issues. Also added a way to sell online magazines easily through Paypal.


Highwire Daze was made more user-friendly through a cleaner interface and close-knit menus. An updated server with less breaches and load times meant longer audience traction on the site while having a more enjoyable experience for their rock-savvy visitors. Rock and scroll!

Project Details