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Hello Bundl gets parents in Los Angeles the best and safest baby equipment at affordable prices. They offer monthly rentals for baby equipment from the top of the line brands such as mamaRoo, Grow Smart, and SNOO. They do not have a physical store and handle all orders online. Their business has grown so much that they needed an efficient way to track and send out their rentals.


This project required collaboration between the Smartworks team and the ad hoc team. Both teams were put to the test because the project required a lot of customization options. The client had a unique business model and finding the right plugins for their website was next to impossible. Both teams had to collaborate to come up with several solutions. It was decided that they needed to write new codes and create custom plugins to fit the client’s specifications. Both teams had to work on several iterations of the project to get the client exactly what they needed.


Smartworks had to develop many custom plugins using WordPress to accommodate the client’s needs. The plugins were used to fine-tune the site’s selection and checkout processes. The backend is also set up to automate business processes to handle both the product delivery and returns with ease. Integrations with Zapier were also done to further customize business workflows. The developers of Smartworks also used a neutral color palette to evoke a simplistic but formal design for parents.

The website is designed to help customers find everything they need at a glance. All the procedures from ordering products to renewing the subscription are concisely developed to enable smooth transactions for all parties.

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Customers can place their orders and understand the process easily thanks to the website. It also allows the client to track and manage orders efficiently with minimal help. Using the WordPress platform complemented by all the custom plugins Smartworks developed, the client has better insight into their business. The website takes the stress from transactions away, allowing the client to focus on growing their business.
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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.