Hatfield's Success Story


Hatfield Medical Group wanted to have a site that could excel within the highly competitive online search rankings in Arizona. They started back in 2017 but made a slow progress in rankings.


When site is searched client is not organically at the top of the search results. The data in the current site was also difficult to search through, visitors had to navigate for a while to keep in touch, and no accessible on-site application.


Smart Works International streamlined the client’s site with a more user-friendly structure: from navigation, content, to design. At the time, mobile first indexing has been prioritized in line with the algorithm to rank better in search results. The “Pay A Bill” customized plug-in was also implemented so users can pay online faster with their account number.


Hatfield Medical Group now claims the first position in the search rankings. Users get to the content and service they want quickly and efficiently, and get to pay conveniently with the “Pay A Bill” plug-in.

Project Details