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The client’s current website is dated, with its features and navigation lacking visibility. Their home page’s formatting does not have the best alignment and placement. The website’s homepage has minimal information. The client wanted to modernize their site and decided to reach out to our team for help. They gave sample websites with modern layouts they liked for reference to aid the team in bringing their vision into reality.


The old site had an old format where the placement of information looked awkward. Some of the navigation is not as clearly displayed. The content is not concise, which makes it hard to find the info you need.


The team redesigned the site to look in line with the sample sites the owners sent. Site layout had to be changed in alignment, and text placements were moved around to look more visually appealing. Pictures are spread out to give breaks from the text, and the team decided to add more high-resolution images and graphics to the site layout. The site buttons have also been redesigned to make navigation easier for visitors. Our clients sent over new and improved content for the site that made getting information easier.

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The website’s new design allows for easy navigation because the buttons have been redesigned. Content improvements make it easy to find all the information you need at a glance. Improvements to content made it more concise and straight to the point. Their site’s many elements have been arranged to be visually appealing with the right format and spacing. Call to action buttons are also linked to the right pages for easy navigation.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.