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Our client is a creative agency that connects commercial partners with their audiences through amazing visuals. They want us to help them engage with their clients and coworkers for a harmonious collaboration that satisfies all parties. Our clients knew that it was time for a change because they used the old website architecture of HTML. They hired us to help them showcase their work on a new modernized site with a new design that resonates with the times.


We knew that the entirety of their old site had to be discarded because nobody uses HTML anymore. Our team had to pick and choose a new site architecture to make our client’s vision a reality. They also wanted us to stick to something similar to their old design, which was simple but elegant. Modernizing the site required our team to include features such as mobile responsiveness, fast loading speeds, high-resolution images, and animated transitions. Finally, we needed to figure out a way to blend their logo into their new design. 


Our team decided to create a brand new website using WordPress for the site’s architecture. WordPress was used because we knew that it was easy for the client to handle, and it is compatible with a great many plugins to help our client. Our team can also easily download custom plugins to help the client’s website perform any task the client desires. If all else fails, our team can create custom-made plugins if necessary. 


Our team built a website compatible with devices such as phones and tablets because we knew many potential clients use these devices to search for creative services. Next, we needed to optimize the high-resolution images to ensure faster loading times for pages. One of the last things we did was include animated transitions to the pages to help present our client’s amazing work.


We needed to use the old color palette while maintaining the old site’s basic structure because we were simply asked to modernize their site. Our team also did some graphic design to help blend our client’s logo with the work section page.

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We built a site with all the modern features visitors expect from a digital agency, but we still kept the client’s identity by keeping the old design and color palette. All the high-resolution images and assets were optimized for the fastest loading times possible. We also animated the presentation of the client’s work to add an artistic touch to the presentation. The website we built allows our client to put their best foot forward for their clients.

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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.