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Our client already had an existing website, but its current state had a few issues that needed to be fixed. We noticed their website lacks content and information, which makes navigation difficult for visitors. Our client had minimal information on their homepage and only had a menu at the top of their homepage that linked to other pages. We also found that many of their images were not in high resolution and that their descriptions were short. Essentially, our team found that their site was disorganized and lacks content, which may make navigation difficult for the visitors.


Our team’s audit of the site showed us that it ran on outdated architecture. This presented many issues for the user experience that we needed to address. We found that the site was not responsive when using certain devices such as the phone and tablet. Our team found that the layout was distorted and accompanied by slow loading times when visiting the site through these devices. This was really bad for our client because most people like to book appointments through their phones.

Our team also found that the photos on the site were not in high resolution or optimized. This presents another problem the team had to fix because these kinds of images can slow down loading times while appearing distorted. Our client wanted to use the old photos for the new site, so we needed to transfer them all to the new site while making them look good. We had to do all of this while working within the confines of the client’s original site design.      


Our team came together to create a new website. We had to work within the confines of the original design but improved user interface design, layout, and functionality by adding content and fixing the layout. 

Next, we needed to start building the site. Our team decided that organization was key to improve the visitor experience. We wanted to create intuitive navigation to help visitors find what they’re looking for at a glance. The first thing our team did was add more content to the site and pepper in links in the text to make for easier navigation.

Finally, we had to create a new layout while keeping the design of the old website. Our team laid out the new content with the old pictures using design principles so that people could find what they needed at a glance. We had to resize the photos to make them look good despite them not being in high resolution. Our redesigns helped make navigation for visitors smoother while providing more information to the visitors.



Our team’s addition gave the site an upgrade when it comes to the visitor experience. The many different links to pages we set up allows users to navigate the site better. We also added some additional content to provide visitors with additional information that is found in most other lodging sites to keep them competitive.

We also made it easier to book appointments, contact the establishment, find out the amenities and write reviews. We have redesigned the site to provide a seamless experience that will keep visitors coming back.


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See how we dealt throughout our client’s distinct concerns and implemented our methods to ensure their online presence and influence grew every day.