Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

Studying marketing ideas for your small business can improve your bottom line by getting you more customers. Read on to learn some marketing ideas and boost your business.

Marketing Tips for starters

Optimize SEO

Optimize your website for SEO to get organic traffic. You need your website to inform people about your products or services, but that won’t matter if no one sees your website. Using SEO and a website enables potential customers to find your website.


1. Find ways to raise your SERP ranking
2. Make sure all your web pages and pictures load fast.
3. Create quality content for your website based on the keywords.
4. Focus on local SEO and use long-tail keywords to improve your chances of visits.
5. You also need to do thorough research to find the keywords before you write content.
6. Use keywords in all of your website’s landing pages, meta descriptions, and titles.

There are a lot of tips to improve the SEO for your website. Be sure to search for new practices regularly to stay competitive.


Your brand story is a great way to connect with your customers. What you need is a good and authentic story to capture the hearts of your audience. To be successful,
however, you also need the help of a great storyteller. Someone with a way with words that can help you put your best foot forward. You may want to hire an author or a blogger to help you tell your story.

You can put a summary of your story on the homepage and have a more detailed story on the about us page. Include the major milestones in the business’s history to show your progress. You can also include pictures and videos for storytelling purposes to make it more compelling.

Social Media

The cheapest way to promote your business is through social media. Investing the proper amount of effort and time can allow you to keep the social media marketing spending to a minimum.

Here is a list of advice to get you started for social media marketing:

1. Put your website link on social media posts
2. Use the relevant hashtags to become more visible
3. Create specially branded hashtags for the business
4. Find the right brand voice and stay consistent in using it.
5. Have a regular schedule when releasing things on social media.
6. Eye-catching visuals are a must to grab the audience’s attention
7. Find the platform the potential customers use the most and master it.
8. Drive more traffic to the company’s social media posts by using proper tactics.

The advice above is only meant to get you started. Be sure you also do regular research to ensure your campaigns stay relevant.

Use Video Testimonials

Do you have a very happy and satisfied client? If you said yes, maybe it’s time to ask them for a video testimonial. You can also try to do a video interview with them when they are at your establishment. Another way is to simply have your clients film a short review on their phones.

This type of content is perfect for boosting your social media profile because it helps build trust in your establishment. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on this venture as people watching do not expect professionally made videos. A homemade video will also make the testimonial feel more authentic. In the age of fake reviews and comments, a video testimonial will help you stand out.

Use Facebook live and stream the interview of your happy client talking about their happy experiences from using your product or service.

Add live chat to your website

You may find that there are plenty of people visiting your site, but no one ever makes a purchase or contacts your business. Live chat can actually help improve your odds of making a sale. Nothing can compare to human contact. A chatbot can never give the quality interaction you get from a human. Getting an actual person to receive and answer questions can also encourage a potential customer to make a purchase.

Empathy can be a secret weapon to help you make that sale. A human can show sympathy and empathically listen and encourage a person to make a purchase which is beyond what a chatbot can accomplish. Getting 24 hours live chat is ideal but maybe too expensive. You can opt for live chat during the time of day that customers usually visit your site to make a purchase.

Handling all of these tasks may be too much for you because running a business and handling marketing at the same time is a lot of work.

Hiring Smartworks International can solve these issues by handling your marketing needs.

1. Smartworks is staffed with experienced web developers backed up by an SEO team to ensure you get a website that stands out from the competition.
2. They have writers to help you craft the best story for your brand.
3. Social media can also be handled by a writer and SEO team to ensure you get good posts and marketing campaigns.
4. You can submit your customer’s video testimonials, and the team will make sure it’s posted and seen.
5. For live chat, the company knows a few reputable customer service providers to help you get the best customer care.

In conclusion, it’s hard to handle your business and marketing at the same time. There is also no shame in asking for help. Getting help from the right digital agency can pay off when you get more customers.