How To Get More Customers During The Holidays

Get more customers during the holidays by following these tips for the holidays.

Offer Holiday Sales

The holidays are an occasion where your potential customers are looking to spend money because of the sales.  A sale is always a good promotional tool to get your practice customers. Make sure to put a deadline on that sale to give your event a sense of urgency. Urgency can help you close a deal easier. Short-term sales can convert your window shoppers into paying customers.

Here are a few steps to help make your holiday sales a success:

  1. Sales and Promotions require you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and find out what items do they need or want? 
  2. Check your inventory because when you start a sale, you must make sure you have the supplies to give people what they want. You also have to choose what items you can afford to be on sale.  
  3. Strategize your promotions based on what you know will work. You need to choose the right channels coupled with the right materials to get people to come.  

Decorate Your Social Pages

The holidays are known for decorations, so add some life to your social media accounts by decorating them for the festivities. The decorations can elicit warm feelings in your followers, which may generate sales. Decorating your social media accounts can remind your followers of the holidays. Doing this step in conjunction with holiday sales is sure to boost your sales for the month.    

Here are some tips to help you decorate your social media pages:

  1. Do your research and use search engines to find the most popular designs for social media pages. 
  2. Get a designer on board to help you conceptualize a design that will help your sales.
  3. Use eye-catching visuals to get more shares in social media. You might want to hire a graphic designer because unique eye-catching visuals get the most attention. 
  4. Optimize your images for the different social media platforms. All social media posts and pages with images do better when compared to those without. You need to make sure your images look great on every social media platform to ensure that your promotions go well.
  5. Create valuable content for your social media pages that will help your customers see you as an authority in your field.

Offer Free Shipping

Shipping is one of the major concerns of your shoppers, especially last-minute shoppers. Holiday deadlines are approaching, and your customers want the hassle of shipping out of the way. You have to be clear about how to shop and get free shipping and make sure to notify them of the estimated time of arrival for their orders.

Here is a list of tips to help you make free shipping possible

  1. Offer free shipping with a minimum spend threshold that must be met to qualify for free shipping. This measure should help cover the cost of shipping for your products.
  2. Reduce the weight and dimensions of your packages to lower shipping costs.
  3. Bundle your products because shipping more than one product lowers the cost of shipping. You can bundle certain products that go well together to create a holiday gift basket.
  4. Event-based free shipping on specific seasons or days can yield better sales. Use a flash sale and offer free shipping now and again to keep costs bearable. 
  5. Choose locations to offer free shipping to allow free shipping without losing money.


Create a holiday shopping guide

Make a list of products you want to promote while creating your holiday gift guide. You can use this guide to promote lesser-known items in your store and give them the spotlight. Another option is to promote your most popular products to boost sales further. You can send this list in emails or texts to your customers.

Here is a list of tips to help you create a shopping guide

Choose a theme for the items on the guide. The items should go well together to boost the chances of group purchases and to make your guide easier to follow.

Highlight specific items from your shop. You can choose items that do not get much attention in an attempt to boost sales for those items. Another tactic you can try is to add items that are popular from your shop to further boost sales for those items.

Include spectacular images in your shopping guide. Images are needed for the customers to see the product and to make them want to buy it. You can hire a good photographer for these images to ensure you have the best pictures possible.   

In conclusion, following these tips can help you step up your game and increase your sales during the holidays.