Get Great Hires By Offering These Benefits

Get great hires by offering these benefitswhen you post a job ad in 2022. A lot of people either lost or left their jobs during the pandemic, and it’s your chance to get really good talent in your company. Sometimes a high salary is not enough, and offering certain benefits will have great talent work for you over others.

Here are some benefits employees are looking for in 2022:

Flexible work arrangements

The pandemic has opened the eyes of the world to how working from home is no longer seen as impossible. Thanks to advancements in technology, employees are still able to produce quality work without having to be physically present in the office. Many companies switched to a work-from-home arrangement to protect their employees.

While there might have been issues with mental health during the lockdowns because social interactions were forbidden, plenty of people agree that they love work-from-home and want to keep it.

Your company needs to get in on the action to either keep your employees or attract new talent. More than half of employees want to work from home at least some of the time. Most people want flexibility and options when it comes to working arrangements, and you need to find the sweet spot that gets people to apply to your company.

Some of the reasons your potential hires want to work from home are to save money and to avoid the hassle of commuting. Considering the potential hire’s preference can help you get the talent you want for your company.

Mental health benefits

Every year 20% of all adults experience mental health issues, and as an employer, you need to find a way to address this issue. As an employer, you must address your employee’s mental health problems by adding mental health benefits. Getting a health plan that offers mental health services will be crucial when it comes to benefit packages. Not only do mental health benefits help to incentivize job seekers to pick you, but they also keep your employees happy, which adds productivity.

Employee Engagement

The pandemic has forced a lot of people to shelter in place and keep away from home. This reason has made getting teams together to laugh and build relationships to create a more cohesive team more difficult. You can set up zoom meetings for lunches or dinners to help your employees get to know each other. Offering free lunches or dinners also works to keep employees happy. Find ways to keep your employees happy and build a community spirit to make them more effective when they work for your company.

Child Care Assistance

Many daycares shut down during the 2020 pandemic, which has forced families to keep their kids home while working. This scenario made it difficult to care for their kids for families everywhere.

You and every other company out there knows this fact, which is why offering child care assistance is important. Job seekers are looking for child care benefits because of how expensive the service is and how difficult it is to raise a child while working.

Here are ways to offer child care assistance:

1. Add extra money to their salary for childcare
2. Offer flexible work arrangements for your workers.
3. Partner with a child care facility to get discounts in exchange for more customers

Adding this benefit for your employees may nudge plenty of job seekers to apply to your company.

Flexible PTO

Not everyone celebrates the same holidays and giving everyone the option of when to take time off can be a game-changer. This method will give employees the freedom to choose because they are given a set number of hours or days to take time off in a year. This allows employees to take time off when they really need it instead of someone choosing for them leading to happier employees.

Financial Wellness Programs

The pandemic has shown people all over the world how easy it is to find yourself in a bad financial situation. Financial literacy can help solve plenty of financial issues employees are facing. While studying finance is difficult for many, it can be easy to offer financial courses in the company.

Your company probably already has accountants and financial advisors in your office. Get these people to share their knowledge with your other employees as a perk. Free financial education can be very appealing to new employees. You may need to pay your financial experts extra for the lessons, but it’s well worth it.

Technology Support

Work-from-home is appealing but still has some infrastructure requirements. Getting a laptop or PC and an internet connection are all important to ensure work-from-home works. Getting these simple requirements may be difficult for some people.

Help your employees with infrastructure requirements via the following:

1. Lend them a good laptop or PC
2. Give internet and electric bill allowance
3. Subsidize their purchase of a laptop or PC

In conclusion, hiring good staff is not easy because there is a lot of competition. Offering the right perks and benefits may give you an advantage over bigger companies.