Dev Questionnaire

We welcome you to our Dev questionnaire.

Please answer these questions to help us find the best way to assist your business.

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Dev Questionnaire

Is your company a non-profit organization?

Do you plan to add a donate feature on your website?

Do you have an existing website?

Do you currently have a host?

Is your site content ready?

Do you want us to start drafting the contents?

Do you have an idea of the page you would like created?

Do you have actual images that you want to use on the site?

Do you have a reference website that you like?

Do you have the color palette that you want to encorporate with the site?

Do you have a corporate email address that accept email inquiries?

Do you plan to sell products or services to your website?

What do you plan to sell on your site?

What is your preferred payment method?

Do you currently have a company logo?

Do you have any social media accounts that we can add to the website?

Do you plan to promote newsletter?